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Student Housing & University Real Estate INITIATIVE

The mission of CAPRE’s SHURE Initiative is to improve student lives and enhance the built environment in university neighbourhoods.


April 19-20, 2023
The Nest at University of British Columbia



Featured Speakers

Aubrey Kelly

President & CEO, UBC Properties Trust

Michael White

Associate Vice President, Campus and Community Planning
The University of British Columbia

Kevin Hall

President & Vice Chancellor, University of Victoria

Kristi Simpson

Vice President Finance & Operations, University of Victoria

Henry Morton

President, Campus Suites

Jerry Wojenski

Chief Executive Officer, Varsity Campus

Patrick Armstrong

CEO, Snaile

Bill Blais

President & CEO, Maclab Development Group

David Choo

CEO, Choo Communities

Toby Chu

Group Chairman & Chief Executive Officer CIBT Group & Global Education City Holdings Inc.

Aly Damji

Managing Partner – Real Estate, Forum Asset Management

Nathan Elliot

Founder, FrontRunner Technologies

Jonas Emre

Founder & CEO, Harrington Housing

Lynette Keyowski

Managing Partner, REACH Canada

Ryan Kimura

Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Premier

Bob Lambert

Manager – Residence Services, Mount Royal University

Jeff Lancaster

Regional Sales Manager, Function First Furniture

Nick Lee

Investments, Blue Vista, Capital Management, LLC

Laurant Levesque

Directeur général et cofondateur, UTILE

Karen Marler

Principal, hcma

Tracey Mason Innes

Executive Director – Student Affairs, Simon Fraser University

Ted Maulucci

President, SmartONE Solutions Inc.

Sam Mehrbod

CEO & Co-Founder, roomful

Josh Morton

Vice President, Campus Suites

Mike Moss

President, Society for College and University Planning

Andrew Parr

Associate Vice-President, The University of British Columbia

Gonzalo Peralta

Executive Director, Languages Canada

Mike Porritt Ed.D

Vice President – International, The Scion Group Advisory Services

Alec Read

Account Director – REITS and Student Housing, APOLLO Insurance

AlDavid Rehimi

Canadian Country Manager, ChargePoint

Rick Rolston

President, BuiltSpace Technologies Corporation

Shane Royal

Director – Ancillary Services, University of Calgary

Sam Shankel

Director – Business Development, VendorPM Ltd

Greg Spafford

Fund Head, Forum Real Estate Income and Impact Fund (REIIF)

Brian Thompson

Founder, Marker Investments

Taber Yastremski

President, Sustainable Projects Group

About: CAPRE’s CAPTECH Xchange (Canada Property Technology Xchange) will be held on April 19. CAPRE’s SHURE Initiative (Student Housing and University Real Estate) will be held on April 20. Attendees and participants will represent the most active commercial real estate developers, investors, capital sources and owners in the market. The two events will bring together the most active firms working in property technology and Canada’s rapidly growing student population/student accommodation market. Indeed, the metro Canadian markets are among the fastest growing in the world with a rapid increase in population, combined with an influx of international students. 

CAPRE is a 15-year old digital media and event firm that specializes in the intersection of commercial real estate and technology.



“I wanted to personally thank you for this amazing  event. This is my third student housing conference in the last 15 months, and I must say, also the most organized one.”

– Jonas Emre, Founder & CEO, Harrington Housing


“Thanks for putting together a great conference.”

– Neil Murray, Development & Asset Manager, Podium Developments


“My thanks for such a wonderful event.”

– Valerie Bruce, Interim Director – Student Housing and Community Care, Toronto Metropolitan University



The following is a list of topics that will be covered in each of three separate tracks. For an in-depth look at topic breakdowns, speakers and additional learning opportunities, please request our full agendas here. Agendas are subject to change.

Track 1: CAPTECH – April 19

  • REX Talk (Real Estate Xchange Talk): How to Raise Capital and Grow a Property Technology Startup, and what are the Most Significant Industry Trends?
  • The Ugly Side of Property Management: Water & Sewer Usage & How Technology can Lower
  • Climate Control Technology: Heating, Cooling, Air Circulation & Air Cleanliness
  • Evolution of Parcel Locker Storage, including Effective Recycling and Waste Management: Is there any task that a Parcel Locker cannot execute?
  • All-in-One Solutions & Smart Community Applications: How residents can engage and grow with your property
  • Connected Apartments & Happy Tenants: With no End to Connectivity, Storage and Compute Innovations, is there a ‘Best Practice Playbook’ for Landlords and Managers?
  • Technology, ESG and Design Strategy: Architects Embrace Modest and Flexible Strategies in Response to Rapid Change
  • Landlord Huddle: An Uncanny Discussion of How Owners and Operators Look at Technology and Budget for it
  • Inside the Tenants’ Minds: What the Tenants Really Want
  • The Rise of E-MOBILITY and EV Charging in the Real Estate Ecosystem to Boost Occupancy and Reduce Property Footprint
  • Sourcing Vendors and Suppliers through Technology: How Landlords and Operators can More Rapidly Qualify and Quantify the Pool of Vendors
  • Health & Well Being Amenities: The Role of Technology in Classic Amenities and how Landlords/Operators Can Build a Competitive Edge
  • Marketing & Leasing: General & Enhanced Strategies, including Immersive Property Tours On-Demand
  • Carbon Capture and Reduction in Construction Process: Next Generation Tools and Methodology to Assist Construction & Development Firms
  • REX Talk: What are the Fundamentals of Future Smart Building? What are the Benefits, and what Do Owners Need to Do?

Track 2: University Real Estate – April 20

  • REX Talk (Real Estate Xchange Talk): View from the Real Estate Operating Entity
  • The View from University of Victoria: What is the Role of the University in Addressing Housing for all Students, Faculty, Staff and Community?
  • The Relationship Between Universities & Municipalities: The Academic Ecosystem Extends Beyond Land Boundaries
  • The Growth of Retail on Campus: How Dominant Brands Create Student Jobs and Enhance University Culture
  • Featured Interview: Starbucks Real Estate University Strategy & Working with Operating Real Estate Entities
  • Bridging Education Gaps with Indigenous Communities: How are Universities Engaging with this Important Population?
  • Accommodating Faculty and Staff Housing: How Universities are Working to Make Housing More Affordable in High-Demand Markets, such as Vancouver
  • Financing from University Real Estate Perspective: Are Universities Funded Internally or through External Partners?
  • Case Study: University Real Estate Partnership Structure
  • On-Campus Affordable Student Housing in Urban Centers: Why Universities View this Important Market Segment as Severely Under-Supplied
  • Exploring the Role of ESG and Green Building Design in University Development Strategy

Track 3: Student Housing – April 20

  • The View from CFAA or Government Entity in British Columbia
  • Economic Outlook: Inflation, Interest Rates, Growth and the Housing Correction
  • Institutional Capital Roundtable: A Global Perspective on Debt, Equity, JV Equity and Trends in Deal Structures in a Rapidly-Evolving Macro Environment
  • Opportunity Rising in Vancouver Metro & Submarkets: Enrollment Trends and Investment
  • Opportunity Rising in Calgary Metro & Submarkets: Enrollment Trends and Investment
  • Opportunity Rising in Edmonton Submarkets: Enrollment Trends and Investment
  • University Operations Roundtable & Discussion: How COVID Changed Emergency Readiness,
    Unique Case Studies, and Best Practices for the Future
  • Student Housing in Canada and the World: A Data-Driven Presentation from a Global Student Housing Expert
  • University Student Housing Roundtable & Discussion: Analysis of Demand, Supply, Enrollment Trends, Capital Expenditures and Appetite for Brick and Mortar Expansion
  • Canada’s Housing Crisis: What is Fact and Fiction in the Supply Shortage and Need for Newer Style Accommodation?
  • Working with and Accommodating International Students: Understanding the
    Importance and Unique Characteristics of Diversity in Canada’s Robust Student Population
  • Traditional, New and Emerging Debt Sources in a Rapidly-Evolving Environment
  • Opportunity Rising in Saskatchewan & Manitoba: Enrollment Trends and Investment

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